Self-Handmade Environmentally Sustainable Products


Our Story

When my girl was a baby, her skin condition was heartbreaking. After seeing many doctors, she was referred to skin specialists who diagnosed it as severe eczema. They prescribed products like cortisone cream, medicinal ointment, soap and moisturizing cream. All those for this little baby, and her skin barely improved!
Then I thought, I should try going natural. Cliché, I know. I was skeptical myself, honestly, but I had to try. And I am so glad I did! I contacted my cousin in Lebanon, who had been making and selling natural cosmetics for a decade. She sent me soaps and balms to Finland. As soon as I started using them on my girl, her skin cleared and got healthy! Shocking, isn’t it? How come?! Well, that is because they are not synthetic-based.

This experience has taught me to be wary of labels or claims of any kind whether commercial or not, cosmetic or not. The ingredients are there. All we have to do is read them. Initially I started making cosmetics for family and friends who eventually encouraged me to start selling. Oh well, the world deserves this luxury too.

So, this is our story and how our journey began. I am so grateful I have found it and I am loving it.

Enjoy your journey.