These soaps are the main reason why I decided to open this humble shop. They were the door to understanding natural cosmetics in regard to our bodies and the environment. Not only synthetic chemicals are bad for our skin, but also they go through the water to the environment and then they come back to us through what we eat and drink, not forgetting of course all its effect on all living things on this planet. Unfortunately, the bad is not always visible. For this reason, we dismiss it and think everything is fine while in reality it is not!

So this is why I hand-make these natural soaps using rich skin loving plant oils and butters. And of course sulphate- and surfactant- free. They are especially formulated to cleanse, while moisturizing and nourishing your skin even in cold and dry winters, resulting in soft and healthy skin.

Like all our cosmetics, these soaps are safety assessed and follow the EU Cosmetics Regulations.

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